The Parker Bay Company


The project developer established product definitions and related database parameters in conjunction with participating manufacturers. Once the initial database parameters were established, participating manufacturers submitted listings of their equipment (i.e. historical shipments by customer) for consolidation and verification. The project developer then initiated a comprehensive search of published sources including industry periodicals (multi-year review of major magazines, newsletters), and related printed materials including mining company reports, government publications, trade association reports and directories, etc. These published sources are reviewed continuously for updates to Database information.

Manufacturers that subscribe to the database service provide their ongoing shipments data (subscribing OEM’s account for over 80% of the machines in the Database). Regular input is also received from other Database subscribers that include major component and service suppliers, and related mining industry participants.

Internet searches are performed for each mining company and mine, and for each equipment type/model with access to more than 700 different mining-related web sites (these sites are now identified in the database with a link to the best available page for the specific mine). The data is compared to existing information and, wherever possible confirmed by contacting participating OEM’s.

The final and most important stage of data-gathering involves direct contact with the mines to confirm the information secured through the above sources and to solicit their additional input. On an annual basis, more than 1,000 phone, fax and mail contacts are made to mining companies and mines throughout the world. Since Database inception, more than 600 mine equipment listings have been obtained either directly from the mines, their parent companies or third-party mining industry contacts (e.g. mining consultants, equipment distributors.