Parker Bay’s Mobile Mining Equipment Database is a comprehensive, detailed accounting of a relatively narrow but essential set of open-pit mines and equipment: those surface mining operations that rely on the largest classes of mining trucks, electric shovels, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, draglines, drills, crawler and wheel dozers, and motor graders. There are roughly 1,500 mines worldwide that employ these largest mobile machines (e.g., only trucks with payloads of 90-mt and larger are covered). The data are mine- and machine-specific. For example, those companies utilizing the full Database can identify how many trucks running on R63 tires are located by country, mineral, mine. The Database records both the ongoing shipments of these machines as well as the installed base of units in operation. Collectively there are 110,000 units identified in over 100 countries. Their installed value exceeds US$170 billion, and annual shipments in 2012 topped US$14 billion.

Use of this detailed information is strictly limited by contract to internal corporate applications and no public disclosure or transmittal to third parties is permitted. The only exception to the latter is for companies that may wish to use the data with specific clients (e.g., management consultant or investment bank working with a client on an IPO). In such instances, Parker Bay has permitted disclosure but only after the third party has signed a confidentiality agreement as well.

Most major suppliers (e.g., Caterpillar, Komatsu, BelAZ, Hitachi, Joy/P&H, Liebherr, OMZ/IZ-Kartex, Sany) subscribe to the service, as do many component and service providers (Cummins, Wabtec (GE), Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, ESCO, Braken, Immersive Technologies) and several of the largest mining companies (BHP, Rio Tinto, Anglo American). Access to the Database is through subscription and requires the signing of a service/confidentiality agreement. Since 1997, Parker Bay has provided the Database service to more than 500 companies (references can be provided on request).

The fee for the full service is US$20,000; annual updating service — US$4,000. However, there are a number of options available to parties who do not require the full coverage and all of the details contained in the complete Database file.

If less comprehensive data is required, Parker Bay can provide selected segments of the data (shipments/market shares for truck manufacturers), summaries (global population by product, geography, mineral) or customized analysis (five-year market analysis and forecast of the truck market and manufacturers). Recently an analysis and forecast of the large truck tire market was undertaken to identify by region and mineral, the tire market for 49″ through 63″ tire classes.

If you think Parker Bay can be of service to your company in some regard, please contact us by email ( or call +1 814-806-2800/2801 (U.S. EST).