The Parker Bay Company

Mine Coverage

The Database service canvasses all known large-scale surface coal, metallic and non-metallic mineral mines throughout the world. The Database attempts to include every mine that operates one or more of the machine types identified above. No attempt was made to encompass all stone quarries or sand/gravel operations, but a limited number of large operations were included when known to operate some of the equipment listed. The Database is also limited in coverage of mines in China and to a lesser extent the countries of the Former Soviet Union where the participation of BelAZ makes the accounting of mining trucks relatively complete while less so for other indigenously-sourced equipment.

The Database contains over 2,200 mines/locations (some records of closed mines are maintained for purposes of historical analysis). Of this total, 1,500+ active mines/locations worldwide (in more than 100 different countries) are known to operate one or more of the equipment types listed above. In the vast majority of instances, specific mine sites (including name, address, phone, fax, etc.) have been identified. In limited instances, equipment was identified by corporate groupings above the mine level (e.g. coal-producing entities within the Coal India corporate structure).

The 1,500-plus mines included in the database supply the majority of surface-mined coal, copper, iron ore and gold produced annually. They also include major suppliers of more than twenty other minerals. A matrix indicating the number of identified mines by country and mineral is included below.

   Minerals (30) 
 Countries (100) CoalCopperIronGoldOthers²TOTAL 
 Australia 613231978184 
 Brazil 13102925 
 Canada 165663972 
 Chile 124311847 
 China¹ 21310236 
 India 39 81562 
 Indonesia 31124276 
 Mexico 33491534 
 Peru 1015723 
 Russia¹ 63 83031133 
 South Africa 16414869 
 U.S. 11717920170333 
 Others 63411957287467 
 World Total 4321111051527611,561 


1. Primarily includes mines in active operation with internationally sourced equipment.

2. Includes contractor locations where operating mine is unspecified.