The fee for initial subscription to the full Database service is US$20,000.00. See schedule below for alternative subscription services and fees. Because of the confidential nature and restrictions under which much of the data was obtained, participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement defining permitted use of the database. Participating OEM’s are accorded a 15% discount and are required to provide listings of their machine shipments. All information supplied by participating OEM’s will be subject to the confidentiality agreement and data disclosed only as part of the overall database.  The database contains no individual pricing, sales terms and conditions, forward-looking business plans or other information that might violate U.S. or other countries’ anti-trust regulations.

Database subscribers have the option to receive updates on a regular basis.  These updates take the form of a complete Database file to replace earlier versions received by the subscriber.  All Database records — mine, machine, personnel — contain a data field that identifies when the particular record was last updated.  Thus Database users can quickly identify additions/changes since the last Database file was delivered.

For the full Database file, Parker Bay offers updates: on a monthly basis — annual fee = US$4,500; on a quarterly basis (after all reporting manufacturers have provided their shipments in the just-ended quarter) — annual fee = US$3,900; or an annual update after year-end shipments are reported — annual fee = US$3,500.

Subscription Alternatives & Pricing. Active unit counts reflect the numbers as of the effective date for pricing with the updated counts available on the Mining Equipment Population page.

Customized database files can be prepared for any combination of qualifying criteria (e.g. trucks over 200 m.t. in Australia; loading equipment in gold mining).  Such requests should be addressed to Parker Bay via contact particulars on the following page.

* Note:       Machine populations shown here are approximate and represent only machines reported to be currently in service.  Actual database segments will include additional listings for machines classified as “inactive” (e.g. ‘parked’, ‘for sale’, ‘unknown’ status).  Contact us for additional information.