The Parker Bay Company has published an updated version of the Database Users Guide. It provides useful descriptions of the Database contents including detailed descriptions of each data field in each tabel Mines, Machines, Personnel)  in the Database.   It should help in understanding the structure of the data and provides quidance on how best to search and analyze data.

We would encourage all new and existing Database clients to download and utilize it as a first reference for questions or guidance in developing applications of the data.

The following link contains the Users Guide in pdf format:  PBCo Database Users Guide (please allow a few seconds to load).

The contents of the users guide are as follows:

  • Tables Summary
  • Primary Mines Table, Field Descriptions
  • Machine Table, Field Descriptions
  • Personnel Table, Field Descriptions
  • Regional Definitions
  • Product / Size class / Manufacturer / Model Tables

Please contact Parker Bay with any inquiries regarding the Database users guide or with queries related to items not covered by it. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions to improve its usefulness.