As of 12/31/2015, the population of active surface mining equipment worldwide (as tracked by Parker Bay’s Mobile Mining Equipment Database) numbered approximately¬†70,000 units. This reflects more than 40% growth over the past 7 years from less than 40,000¬†machines in operation at year end 2008. Certain products such as mining trucks account for a large percentage of this growth in total numbers, while other products (draglines) have actually seen a declined over this same period. ¬†Population growth has stagnated over the past few years as shipments are off 75% from their peak and a large number of machines have been scrapped, parked, etc.

The market peaked in Q1 2012, as shipments for most product lines reached historical highs. Activity has fallen each quarter since.

The table below shows the change to the equipment population and the annual shipments over the past 7 years.

Population and Shipments 2008-2015

The “Analysis by Product” page on the side menu provides a better look at these changes by product group.