The Parker Bay Company

Articles Published

The Parker Bay Company authored (or in a few cases was a major contributor) to the following articles. Individuals interested in obtaining copies of any of these articles are encouraged to contact the magazines directly as these publishing companies retain copyright to the published materials.

TitleMagazineIssue Date
“Quarrying and mining: Big equipment, big demands”KHLSep. 2020

“Signed sealed and delivered”Mining MagazineOct. 2013

“Dragline Demographics”World CoalOct. 2013

“In World of Big Stuff, The U.S. Still Rules”The Wall Street JournalDec. 3, 2012

“Of Trucks and Shovels”World CoalSep. 2012

“Three-way Fight for Underground Equipment Market Share”Engineering & Mining JournalSep. 2012

“Super Power!”Mining MagazineVol. 189 No. 6
Dec. 2003

“Equipment Applications at Appalachian Coalfields”World CoalVol. 11 No. 4
April 2002

“What Goes Where: Application of large trucks in major mineral markets”World Mining EquipmentVol. 25 No.8
Oct 2001

“Big It Up: the giant truck market”World Mining EquipmentVol. 25 No.6
July/Aug. 2001

“Bigger Drills for Bigger Mines”World CoalVol. 10 No. 1
January 2001

“Headcount…the world population for excavating & haulage equipment”World Mining EquipmentVol. 24 No.7
Sept. 2000

“Digging Deep in the Powder River Basin”World CoalVol. 9 No. 7
July 2000

“International Dragline Population Matures”Coal AgeVol. 105 No. 6
June 2000

“Ultra-Trucks – Ultra efficient?”World CoalVol. 8 No. 11
Nov. 1999

“Shovel by Numbers…reviews shovel population”World Mining EquipmentVol. 23 No.7
Sept. 1999

“U.S. Dragline Census”Coal AgeVol. 104 No. 8
August 1999

“Big Wheels” (Large wheel loader market)World Mining EquipmentVol. 23 No.4
May 1999

“Counting Noses…Big truck population”World Mining EquipmentVol. 23 No.1
Jan./Feb. 1999