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The Parker Bay Company was founded in 1996 by Peter Gilewicz. All client research and consulting work is performed or overseen directly by Mr. Gilewicz.

Mr. Gilewicz has a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics (Colgate University) and a Masters degree in Industrial Economics (Case Western Reserve University).

Prior to establishing The Parker Bay Company, he worked at The Marion Power Shovel Company (a worldwide supplier of mining equipment and related services) in several marketing and business research positions working with senior management personnel and other individuals throughout the organization.

Job responsibilities included: extensive work to develop and maintain a proprietary PC-based database; market and customer profiles; in-depth competitor evaluation; product and market development; business planning; and special research projects. This work entailed significant contact with customers, trade associations, consultants, government specialists and related industry sources. It included working with individuals worldwide and required significant contacts within a broader corporate structure.