Market Analysis and Forecast: Loading & Haulage Equipment

Published on 21. May, 2014 by The Parker Bay Company in News and Features

The global market for the largest excavating/loading and haulage equipment has been anything but dull and predictable over the past decade. And it’s likely to take some unexpected turns in the years ahead. In an effort to provide some guidance on what to expect, Parker Bay has analyzed the mineral markets driving demand for these machines, along with the internal dynamics of the machinery markets themselves, and presented our findings in a 70 page report. Available to both subscribers to Parker Bay’s Mobile Mining Equipment Database and non-subscribers, this report includes both a detailed written report and an interactive data file that permits buyers to examine and modify many of the underlying drivers of the forecast to see what impact different assumptions might have on shipments and machine population over the next five years.

If interested, click here to view an abstract with additional details, the table of contents, and samples from both the report and data file. Then if you’d like to order, send us an email or call us at +1 814 453-3812.