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Growth in Mining Equipment Levels Off in Q2  (August 9, 2018)

This latest report marks two full years of growth since markets bottomed out in Q2 2016.  Since then, deliveries have tripled yet remain well below the peak level achieved in 2012.  Compared to Q1 2017, unit shipments are up 7% and 33% year-over-year.  The value of shipments is estimated to have been virtually unchanged over the past three months.  The divergence of units and value stems largely from the product mix with most Q2 increases recorded for smaller dozers, drills and graders.  In contrast, truck deliveries (which account for the majority of units and value shipped) increases by less than 1%.  Hydraulic shovels/excavators increased by 27%; crawler and wheel dozers = 37%, motor graders = 42%; drills = 83%.  Wheel loaders and electric/rope shovels declined and continue to lag behind the other product lines during the current expansion cycle.

The distribution by mineral sectors shifted, to a degree, away from coal, gold and oil sands and toward copper, iron and other metals.  Visit the Surface Mining Equipment Index page for more information on the evolution of mining equipment shipments through Q2 2018.