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8th Consecutive Quarterly Decline (May 15, 2014)

PBCo-Surface-Mining-Equipment-Index2After a full two years in decline, mining equipment shipments are now hovering just slightly above the nadir reached in 2009 following the financial crisis. The first quarter of 2014 had the second fewest deliveries in the past 6 years.

Copper remains the strongest performer among the major mineral classes. For the second consecutive quarter, more equipment went to copper mines than coal; this compared to the last expansion cycle when deliveries to coal mining were nearly two and a half times that of copper. Nonetheless, coal shipments increased slightly after bottoming out in the fourth quarter of last year with less than a fourth as many units as two years prior.

Visit the Surface Mining Equipment Index page for more information on the evolution of mining equipment shipments through Q1 2014.

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